Seiko SBDX011 Emperor Tuna Can Review

Ever since I first learned about the Seiko Tuna Cans in 2007, I knew that I wanted to eventually collect them all. After getting the SBBN007 and Darth versions, I set my goal for an automatic. Given the cost, it took a while. Finally, I came across a good deal on a SBDX011 a few years ago and was able to buy it. Technically speaking, it is the third generation of automatic tunas – 1st was the original 6159. The 2nd was the SBDX005 Historical reissue in 2000.


The SBDX011 came after that, similar to the historical – but all black this time. As the video below mentions, it is a huge watch – so much so that I view getting used to the size/weight as a worthwhile sacrifice to have something this cool and unique.


Please be sure to watch the video below to get a lot more information about this watch.



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  1. The SBDX003 is not a Tuna. It’s a Marine Master 300m.
    The reissue was the SBDX005.


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