Omega flightmaster 911 Review

This variation of the classic Omega moonwatch was designed for commercial airline pilots.

 But it’s also been in space.

   I have always liked the Omega “Pilot Line” cases from the 70s. After obtaining an Omega Memomatic, I knew that I had to pick up a flightmaster as well. 

It’s huge and heavy, much like the SBDX011 Tuna I reviewed earlier. But once again, I feel that it is a worthwhile trade off given all of its technology and history. Also, as mentioned in the GMT comparison post, this watch has one of the best GMT implementations ever. The second time zone hand can be set independently anywhere along the dial – no need to keep to one hour increments like a Rolex Explorer II/Seiko. Be sure to watch the video below for much more information on this watch.


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