Seiko SBBN011/SBBN00E Robert Marx Darth Tuna Can Review 


I wasn’t looking for a limited edition watch when I stumbled upon the Robert Marx Darth Tuna. However, since the price was right (dye to the weak yen at the time), I could not say no. Interestingly enough, at the time of its release, many thought that this would be THE new Darth Tuna. Later it was revealed that it would simply be a limited edition of the regular version. If you are interested, here is a link to the numerous accomplishments of Mr. Marx (Robert Marx CV).

For the record, the only difference between this and the regular Darth is the very fancy box and extra text/graphics on the watch. I will admit to being very pleased with the blue “Robert MARX” on the dial though :). 

One of the biggest draws of the Darth tuna is the ceramic shroud. Even though the material is very trendy right now, it is important to note that its precursor, the 600m Golden Tuna, has been using a ceramic shroud since 1986! And while the replacement is quite expensive, there is very little (if any) evidence of these shrouds cracking even though they have been around for almost three decades. As always, please watch the video below for more information about this watch.  


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